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 Wujiang Kaifu Textile Industry Co., Ltd. Brand
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Wujiang Kaifu Textile Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, 09, 05, is located in Shengze town of Suzhou, the capital of heaven. "China silk capital", Ping Wang, with a total investment of 16 million yuan. The company employs more than and 400 people, including 175 professionals of all kinds. It is a professional textile company. It is a textile professional company. Its production and operation -- fabric: chemical fiber cloth (Taslon, peach skin, NIS spinning, polyester taffy, Hua Yao, Oxford, spring Asian spinning, mesh fabric, light spinning); blended fabric (polyester cotton cloth, polyester sticky cloth, Jin polyester cloth, cotton brocade, cotton ammonia elastic cloth, Di Jinmian); non-woven fabric (polyester clothing lining, polyester artificial leather base cloth, polyester felt), silk cloth and so on. And processing all kinds of fabric finishing, dyeing, grinding, waterproof, wrinkling, calendering and coating (white glue, color glue, silver glue, AC glue, PC glue, PVC adhesive, excellent gel, pearl color adhesive, breathable adhesive, moisture permeable adhesive, down proof glue, flame retardant glue) and other special finishing.
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Contact:   Zhang Feng Quan
Addr:        Middle perch village, Ping Wang Town, Wujiang City, Wujiang District, Suzhou, Jiangsu