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 Changzhou national beauty Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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Business scope: home textile fabric: organic cotton velvet, bamboo fiber velvet, flat velvet, antibacterial and anti velvet velvet, antibacterial antistatic velvet, Imitation cotton velvet, velvet can carry any LOGO logo design, multicolored jacquard velvet, size dyed circular velvet, velvet, cut velvet, etc., suitable for pillowcase, cushion, pillow, mattress, box lining, handicrafts, toys, etc. velvet weight door width 1.5 meters -2.4 meters, square grams weighing 180 grams - 450 grams. Other fabrics: bamboo fiber Jersey, Modell Khan Bbu, organic cotton jersey, cotton, CVC, T, cotton, wool, color, suede, thread, single face, yarn dyed knitted ribbon, sweater, sweater, corduroy and other fabrics; velvet stage high end curtain fabric, square grams weighing 180 grams ----600 grams, width 1.6 meters -2 m, flame retardant B1 grade, and other gauze sales: weight 110 grams, weight of 110 grams, door width 155cm, smooth handle, feel first class, gloss good, elastic good, semi permeable. Towelette: knitted single and double faced towels, jacquard towels, high and low towels, woven single and double towels, size dyed circular towel, suitable for bathrobe. Welcome to call the letter consultation! 18932385269 Mr. Zhang Changzhou QQ785632386
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Contact:   Zhang Wen Bing
Addr:        Jiangsu Changzhou Changzhou Hutang Textile City A1 area