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 Dongguan Hai Zi hang Garments Co., Ltd. Brand
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Founded in 2008, Dongguan Hai Zi Han Garments Co., Ltd. is a new women's clothing company integrating design, production and sales. It is located in Humen, the first garment town in China. Under the infection of strong commercial atmosphere and under the urge of strong competition consciousness, the company has defined the management concept based on diversified consumption demand and market, guided by creative design, and based on humanized management. Adhering to the value concept of honesty, quality first, relying on professional brand operation mode and efficient internal management process, we continuously provide customers with stable high quality, high value-added products and services. The brand style: the Qinqin snow dress is meticulously and professionally designed, fully absorbing fashion elements originated from Europe, Japan, Korea and other places, and ingeniously integrates these elements, and deducts the romantic feelings of modern urban women with elegance and fashion without romantic style, forming its own unique style. The brand is modeled on practical simplicity, with bright lines, fashion and no exaggeration. It meets the needs of different occasions, wearing comfortable and tasteful in different forms of collocation, fully showing the noble and elegant, gentle and charming temperament of women. The selection of materials emphasizes the leisure and comfortable atmosphere, the pulse of the trend, the variety and freedom, so that the overall style of Qinyuan snow is pushed to more elements: elegant, fashionable, simple, comfortable and exquisite. The core of the design is: the design of the commuter outfit, the most important is the concise style, the superior material, and the fine and fashionable details. It makes the product simple, the atmosphere and the fashion coexist, the detail enhances the grade, the graceful deduces the classics. Let modern women retain their youth and dreams, show elegance and fashion in the face of life's baptism and busy work. The brand positioning: the qinqinyuan snow dress is positioned as the middle and high class women's clothing, mainly aiming at a group of 18--35 year old urban women who are elegant, confident, independent and pursue high quality life. Qinyuan snow suit is suitable for office, friends gathering, campus life and other relaxed business occasions and leisure occasions. It is committed to building the most practical commuter outfit, and it can easily change various roles without changing clothes after work. Product price tag: spring and summer wear 108-398 autumn winter clothing 108-598 average monthly two batches of new updates, each batch of 10 or so.
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Contact:   Mr. Yang
Addr:        Design building 405-406, two Heng Road, Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China 405-406