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Jiangsu new Yalu Group Co., Ltd. is a large provincial garment enterprise group. Founded in 1976, it has a world-class modern equipment and garment production line. The company's scale, economic strength and overall quality have jumped to the advanced level of the same industry in the country. At present, the company has a total assets of nearly 600 million yuan, and owns more than 1200 sets of sewing equipment. The introduction of the world's most advanced Italy high-end computer suit assembly line, Swiss intelligent computer suspension system, the French Rick computer design and typesetting system two sets, Japan imported computer embroidery machine 20 and Germany's advanced special sewing equipment. The company covers an area of 85 thousand square meters, building area of 45 thousand square meters, and has 1500 employees. The company mainly produces high-end suits, casual wear, jackets, down garments and all kinds of fashions. The annual production capacity is 3 million 800 thousand pieces (sets), with five major companies including Jiahua garment factory, Huayuan Yalu branch, shirt company, Yalu embroidery factory, and advanced garment industry center. In the year, we designed, produced and sold 500 thousand high-end shirts and 5 million embroidery pieces. Yalu brand suits and casual wear, top grade all wool shirts and so on are linked with pure wool markings, and the international wool Bureau's soft cutting advanced technology is introduced, which is in line with the new international fashion trend. In 1994, we worked with China quality newspaper to track the quality of every garment in the national garment industry, and fully protect the rights and interests of consumers. From 1988 to 1992, the company's product output, sales revenue and realized profits doubled every year. In recent years, various economic indicators have grown steadily, becoming the top 100 enterprises in the national garment industry, the top ten enterprises in Jiangsu province. For three consecutive years, the Ministry of internal trade has been awarded the Golden Bridge Award for product sales, and is recognized as China's recognized brand name product. Since 1988, enterprises have been awarded the first level qualified enterprises, municipal quality management awards, Suzhou municipal advanced enterprises, Suzhou top 100 township enterprises, the national quality management standard of the Ministry of agriculture and the star enterprises of Jiangsu province. The products of Yalu brand have been awarded the title of Suzhou's excellent products and Jiangsu famous brand products. The new products have been awarded the first prize of the provincial textile workshop, the three prize of new textile product development, the first prize of textile new products during the 75 period, the famous brand of Yalu brand, and the title of "advanced civilization" of the county, city and provincial level respectively. Yalu, an influential brand in China's clothing industry, has been in the forefront of the business for more than 20 years. It always pays attention to the combination of traditional technology and modern hi-tech design and fabric. With strong design strength and high starting point and high standard of design, Yalu suits and down garments always aim at the international trend and stand out. Yalu down coat:

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Contact:   Gu Zhen Hua
Addr:   China   China   Yalu Industrial Park, Deer River town, Jiangsu, China