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Business Model
Guangxi Zhuolong jewelry factory is located in Wuzhou City, Guangxi, which is the largest artificial gem processing base in the world. It is a professional manufacturer of artificial gemstones and fashion accessories with a certain scale, advanced equipment and technology, strong technical force and complete product categories
(1) Production of zircon, glass, spinel, corundum for the material of artificial gem series products. The shapes include conventional round, heart-shaped, square, pear shaped, egg shaped, horse eye, triangle, ladder square, star shaped, plum blossom, etc. in addition, our company is also good at producing various special-shaped products, such as bridge shaped, spherical, cable-shaped, leaf, Yuanbao, axe, leaf, sitting meditation, bullet, butterfly, Tian shape, garment buttons and oversize products. The specifications are from 0.9mm to 120mm, and the quality is from AB to AAA. The gemstone products can be made into regular facets, sharp bottom or tortoise surface, grid surface, plain surface, double point, double flat, and can also be drilled and electroplated according to the special requirements of customers. Each material has dozens of colors to choose from. Our company has a wide range of products with different shapes, sizes and colors.
(2) Production of stainless steel fashion accessories. Now we have developed more than 100 kinds of rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and other four series. We have many kinds of technology, such as bare body, stone inlay, wire cutting, carving and so on. Our products have novel style and high quality. We can also process and produce according to the samples or drawings provided by customers. At present, the single production capacity is more than 20000 pieces (sets) per month.
Our factory has always been in line with the business philosophy of "pay attention to customers, people-oriented, professional, honest and trustworthy". For many years, we adhere to the business practices of "ensuring quality, reasonable unit price, punctual delivery and high-quality service". Zhuolong brand has been recognized by our customers. I hope to establish long-term and friendly relations with customers at home and abroad.
Wish our cooperation success and happy cooperation.
I wish you a prosperous business and a lot of money!
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Contact:   Yi Yangsheng
Addr:   China   China   First floor, building 2, Xingye garden, No.1 longshanli, Xinxing Second Road, Wuzhou City, Guangxi