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Junan textile and Garment Association, with the support of the Town Committee and the various functional departments and people from all walks of life, was founded in December 26, 2002 by 30 textile and garment enterprises, including Golden, Xinxing Group, Chang run, handsome boy, Li Gao, mark Qi, and Jin Wei Wei Textile Co., Ltd. There are now 147 enterprises.

This association is a non-profit social organization voluntarily made up of Junan Town textile and garment enterprises (units). Since its development, there are now more than 140 members, mainly producing and selling denim clothing, fabric accessories, textile knitwear and other enterprises. Its purpose is to unite the textile and garment enterprises under the premise of complying with the laws and regulations of the state and the social morals and morals, to liaison with friends, to exchange information, to coordinate market strategies, to promote communication between government and enterprises, to promote technological progress, to improve the quality of enterprise products, to regulate industry management, and to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members. Set up the image of the industry and make the textile and garment industry a leading industry.

I will organize the principle of democratic centralism, and the highest authority is the general assembly. During the meeting, the Council will preside over the daily affairs of the Council. The Council consists of eight offices, namely, the public relations department, the administrative department, the financial management department, the economic information department, the Foreign Friendship Department, the member organization department, the culture, education, publicity and Welfare Department, and the Secretariat. Each department is assigned to manage and operate by the members of the Council. The Secretariat, chaired by the secretary general, is responsible for coordinating and arranging the work of various departments. The concerted efforts of all departments will enable the Junan textile and clothing trade association to develop healthily so that I can better serve the government, serve the members and serve the society, and contribute to the economic construction of our town.

I hope that all the textile and garment enterprises in Junan Town will join us in this big family. We believe that as long as you have support, we will grow today; as long as you join us, we will grow and develop in the future.
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Contact:   Rong Si Lai
Addr:   China   China   No. 75, ye an road, Fu An cowboy town, Junan Town, Shunde District