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 Good luck Bird Group Limited Brand
Business Model
Founded in March 18, 1996, the news Bird Group Co., Ltd. was called "good luck bird Clothing Co., Ltd.". In 1998, the group was approved by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, and was promoted to no cross regional industry group in the whole country. The group core enterprise reported bird bird Group Co., Ltd. entered the national garment industry sales revenue (twenty-seventh places), profits and taxes 200 hundred (ninth) for five consecutive years, and the top 10 sales of western suit. The leading brand "good bird" won the honor of the China clothing association's recommended brand and famous brand, famous trademark, Chinese well-known trademark and so on. In 1999, the group started the trans century development strategy, and built the industrial park in the first place, mainly producing the wedding bird suits. The company's production capacity reached 600 thousand high-end suits and coats, shirts, neckties, leather goods and so on. The store sold more than 200 cities in more than 20 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government and self smelting areas in more than 400 provinces, and formed the largest and most standardized chain monopoly system in the domestic garment industry. It became one of the top domestic men's clothing suppliers, and sales revenue jumped from 50 million yuan in the initial stage to 803 million yuan in 2001.
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