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 Yiyitai Japan and Korea Fashion Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Factory direct sales new, value for money, is the first choice of shop / grid wholesale! Japanese and Japanese YYPAI Yiyitai Japan and Korea Clothing Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, mainly engaged in wholesale and retail of Japanese and Korean women's clothing. Our company has set up factories and separate model production rooms, and has published a new style and is located in Guangdong, the largest clothing exporter in the country. The women's clothing we design and produce is hand-made and guaranteed to reduce the trouble caused by quality. At the same time, we provide secure and fast payment services such as Alipay. With integrity, responsibility and fashion management concept, our products are exported to overseas and all parts of the country. Our products are synchronized with VIVI's Japanese and Japanese style dress, Japan, Japan and South Korea, and the latest popular trade dress, the latest magazines and the Korean and Korean dynasties. The styles are new, updated quickly, and quality guaranteed, so that you can feel the changes around you. Our products are mainly divided into the following series: fashion ladies series, simple elegant series and leisure series to meet the needs of different customers. Products with bright colors, simple and fashionable design, reflect the bright personality of women in the ages, are very popular with young fashion women. Suitable for 18~35 years old white-collar, fashion women, let different women have a wonderful feeling every day.
In the global hot business invitation, welcome agents, franchised, monopoly, wholesale! (zero investment, zero risk, high yield)
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