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 Shanghai LAN Yun children's wear Co., Ltd. Brand
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landwind Children's wear Distribution network was established in 2009. Formerly the Silk Road Children's wear distribution network, the mission of the company is to provide an efficient integrated supply chain for Internet based children's clothing retailers. At the very beginning of its establishment, the company set up the business idea of focusing on the network channel of boutique children's clothing. Through innovative consignment + small wholesale business mode, combined with the leading precision network marketing technology and efficient first class supply chain system, it solves the one-stop supply problem for the majority of children's clothing retailers, and is committed to becoming the leading distributor of children's clothing wholesale and retail trade. "Let children have no difficulty in children's clothing business" is our unified values. Eventually becoming the largest network channel for children's wear, helping children's clothing brands grow rapidly is our ultimate goal. At present, the company is headquartered in Shanghai with more than 30 employees.

As the only platform dedicated to children's clothing wholesale sales in China, LAN Yun children's wear distribution network currently covers 14 major categories, including children's clothing / clothing, quasi mommy / mama products, infant clothing, suit, skirt skirt, accessories, etc., and a total of over 2000 commodities. After 3 years of rapid development, self owned factories and large-scale customization have been formed, and all over the country are purchased throughout China. There are a large number of cooperative suppliers in Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong and Beijing provinces, and a good reputation has been accumulated. Many famous brands including Yi Bao Bei, millet, panda prince, Yong Gao, Carter and so on have joined the wholesale sales platform of the rhyme network and become partners or suppliers of the company.

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