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  Jiaozuo city; Sirius Shoes Co., Ltd is a private Enterprise Inc was founded in 2005. The Yellow River is located in the shore of Jiaozuo Wenxian County, Sirius Shoes Co., the company's existing three shoe-making production line, one for the army and Navy single shoes shoes production lines, second for ordinary cloth rubber shoes production lines, third for foreign trade shoes production line. At present, our company covers an area of 32 mu, building area of 12600 square meters, with total assets of 10000000 yuan, the enterprise existing number of employees more than 300 people, the annual output reached more than 5000000 pairs, the main product for high-grade vulcanized shoes and PU leather, vulcanized shoes, domestic and international market prospects, at present more than 60% products exports, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East America, Africa and many other countries and regions, the rest of the track and field shoes, basketball shoes, safety shoes, cloth shoes market share in the domestic more than 20 provinces, the products are widely used in various fields of construction, manufacturing industry, electrical industry, forestry, fisheries, animal husbandry, mining, smelting, petroleum and chemical industry etc.. From 2006 to 2007 the new workshop, warehouse and office buildings totaling 4300 square meters, production and lays a good foundation for foreign trade.
     ; during 2006, our company has obtained the right to import and export trade, and successfully participated in the four session of the Canton Fair, in March 07 to Germany to Dusseldorf to participate in the International Exhibition of shoes, establish business contacts, and 19 countries and regions in 07 years, to the United States, France, Israel, Mexico, Finland export of labor safety shoes, 07 years in February 3rd, and the United States Ao Si PA company signed the first three years of the sales contract, sales region comprises fifteen countries of North America and Europe and other regions. The selling price of the product is also very ideal, profits of nearly 30%,
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Contact:   Cui Hua
Addr:   Henan  Jiaozuo  Henan province Jiaozuo Wenxian County