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Cai Kai (self-employed) Brand
Business Model
qin. Long Yuchun handmade shoes, is a traditional handmade nano bottom shoes company, mainly to provide older children pure manual accept bottom shoes, sole is made of pure cotton and corn batter well into the Gebei, after cutting edge hand satisfied at the end of paste into, uppers with black corduroy suit, dress, punching, Horace thin white cotton fabric for backing, and to ensure 100% pure manual. The company's production staff are, with decades of experience in the production of cloth shoes for rural women, acupuncture, skilled, high quality standard, stitch, portrait made, a double our production of shoes to wear for two or three years is not a problem, the traditional pure handmade cloth shoes, wearing comfortable, have a foot, breathable, sweat absorbent, odor etc. the characteristics of. Suitable for driving the leisure, indoor and outdoor wear, welcome to inquire, to sample processing customized.
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Pure handmade shoes
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Contact:   Cai Kai
Addr:   Shaanxi  Xi'an  Gaoling County of Shaanxi Province Zhang BU Xiang Xi'an City