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 Fu Bao group Shanghai Ke Rou Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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Do you want to dominate the future of underwear? Wanttodominatethefutureofundergarments? The scientific research and development center of Fu Bao group, ingested the essence of cotton and wool, deciphered the genetic code of underwear, miraculously reversed the fate of underwear. At the moment, we can share with you the underwear revolution and dominate the glorious future.<>
If you are a woman who shares changes, you will love innovating. Ifyouareawomanwhothrivesonchange, youwilldefinitelyfallinlovewithKloth., if you are a woman who adore nature, you will be able to match the natural standard of Ifyouareawomanwhoenjoysherfreedom, youwilldefinitelyagreewithKloth 's100%naturalapproach.'s function of surpassing itself.
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Addr:   Anhui   Shanghai City   Room 820, Hyun run building, 1100 Wuzhong Road, Shanghai