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Guangxi Nanning golden powder beauty brand underwear trusteeship company is a sales oriented brand enterprise that sells branded bra, adjustable underwear, body sculpting underwear, household clothing, thermal underwear and other products. The company's brands include: "butterfly poem" and "Gerd Ron Riley". Companies adhering to the "fate friendship, win-win cooperation" business philosophy, through the wind and rain, customer network has gradually spread Guangxi's regional markets.

"The elite team creates the gold medal service". The company has a senior professional marketing management team who has served the second line brand underwear and high-end brand women's clothing in the industry, is good at sales channel construction and integration, market analysis and planning, and in today's economic society with the main melody of cooperation, interaction and mutual win, we have successfully provided the best quality franchise service system to our customers.

"Golden flower beauty" insists on serving the purpose of "quality excellence, service professionalism and integrity management". It has won the unanimous recognition and acclaim from many cooperative manufacturers and many customers.


Franchise advantage

1., the product research and development efforts are large, and constantly updating series of products and rich varieties are the driving force for franchisees to make profits.

2. the market positioning is accurate, the product image is noble, the price is not expensive, the age span is big (16-45 years old), conforms to the Guangxi market mass consumption, truly satisfies the low consumption and the high enjoyment market demand;

3. provide fairly preferential price policy and the most competitive products source to ensure profitable operation.

4., strict regional protection system will fundamentally eliminate the vicious competition in the same market price and ensure full operating profits.

5., it will plan and promote targeted promotions continuously to enhance the popularity and turnover of franchised stores.

6. training supervision, regional managers to visit the market on an irregular basis, provide you with the most professional underwear system counseling, even without any experience, you can get a full set of mature and sound professional guidance.

7., the professional sales team that has been trained for many years is the guarantee for "golden beauty" to develop steadily and rapidly, and is also the most powerful backing for franchisees.

8. free franchise fee, providing display props, opening gifts, advertising materials and other supporting policies, and long-term cooperation with the professional media "fashion underwear", "underwear wind", Baidu and other websites, and strive to enhance brand awareness.
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Contact:   Cliff Manager
Addr:   Guangxi   Nanning   9 floor, block A, new building, 12 Renmin Zhong Road, Nanning.