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Guangdong romantic spring underwear chain Limited Brand
Business Model
"Romantic spring" underwear brand chain, is the Guangdong Hong Jie International (Hongkong) Co., Ltd., domestic marketing center Guangdong Hongjie underwear Industrial Co., Ltd., in early 2005 to build professional underwear brand chain. Its predecessor is "June rose" underwear chain. At the beginning of 2005 opened its first underwear store, and invested heavily in 2006 80000000 yuan, comprehensive start of chain management system, hiring China famous brand planning company, design, planning the most visual aesthetic romantic spring underwear store brand image and scientific underwear franchise, self in one mode of operation, in a professional guide, sales consultant for customers to provide professional and thoughtful personalized service, a self-produced products guarantee the quality of goods. "Romantic spring" and now owns more than 200 underwear chain stores, and in each sales region has a higher brand awareness and reputation, "romantic spring" is to build the most competitive China underwear chain brand, and strive to reach 300 in the next five years operated stores, stores reached 700, annual turnover reached 700000000 rmb.
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Contact:   Mr. Huang
Addr:     Guangdong Shantou  Guangdong Shantou city waterfront Lu Jin Sheng Building 3 floor