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Business Model
Nai step (China) Limited company with deep industry experience,

apparel brand operation by the senior Mr. Lin Huoyan began operating,

is a professional engaged in sports shoes R & D, manufacturing, sales and brand operation of the large sports goods enterprises,

has a modern operation center (Fuzhou) and the production base of advanced (Shishi),

introduced the production line and the innovation of management mode of international class.

The core brand "NAIBU" popular fashion sports shoes under


to 18-25 years old with fashion sense, sports loving young consumer groups,

and "cheap fashion sports major suit" Chinese best-selling target,

after seven years of development, has always been respected "vigor sports" way of life,

can become the sports apparel industry the most explosive brand.

from 2009, the company introduced a new domestic senior excellent management team,

successfully launched the "mass sports fashion" strategy,

association to build brand core competitiveness, boost the company a strong rise
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Addr:     Fuzhou  Fuzhou Jinshan Industrial Zone Jinhua city Cangshan District Road No. 12