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Her dress originated in the beautiful and full of magical color of West Lake Hangzhou. Is the set design, production, sales in one of the brand apparel trading company. The company was established in September 15, 1999, the trend in Asia with European and American fashion designer, coupled with the unique visual, design concept, formed her unique cultural heritage, become an independent school always walk in the forefront of fashion women's clothing brand. After eight years of rapid development, the company with a 8 person company development up to now nearly 300 people clothing company. Have independent Iraqi Industrial Park, set up R & D center, production center, marketing center, administrative center and other departments. The company and the introduction of advanced automatic garment equipment in 2000, greatly enhanced the company's development, production capacity, ensure the quality of products, and to the general agent, shop, counter form quickly into a national each major and medium small city.
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Contact:   Miss Jiang
Addr:   Zhejiang  Lanxi  Zhejiang province Lanxi City Chengnan Street Office