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Xi'an City Shengxin rock wool insulation material factory Brand
Business Model
Xi'an City Shengxin rock wool insulation materials factory mainly produce and sell all kinds of insulation materials and to undertake a variety of Xi'an area insulation materials professional construction of the most professional integrated manufacturers. Our sales of products; rock wool board, rock wool strip, sound-absorbing panels, insulation materials, rubber series centrifugal glass wool insulation materials series, rock wool insulation material series, nail insulation, insulation tape, insulation special glue, thermal insulation material of water pipeline, plastic extruded board wall insulation materials, ventilation pipe insulation materials, polyurethane direct buried foaming materials, silicate aluminum silicate thermal insulation material, thermal insulation material, iron, aluminum skin, stainless steel and other building insulation materials. Welcome customers to come to consult!
Main Products
Rock wool board, rock wool, sound-absorbing panels, insulation materials, rock wool insulation
Contact information
Contact:   Zhang Jingli
Addr:   Shaanxi Province  Xi'an City  The town of Doumen western suburb of Xi'an City