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Shanghai Jingdian Printing Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shanghai Jingdian Printing Co., Ltd. is a corporate image design, graphic design, prepress proofing (traditional proofing and digital proofing) And all kinds of business printing, digital printing consisting mainly of professional graphic design and printing mechanism. We offer a full range of corporate image design and brand extension services for customers. Over the years, we design from the enterprise image, enterprise level Design, advertising, exhibition and other fields, for many customers with integrated, deep and effective planning, design, consulting and other visual communication The service. The company has a group of wit, brave in innovation, design elite creative inspiration. The company seeks to build "brand charm with visual originality "Let the visual effect and the business of marketing thought All blend into one harmonious whole. The company has the advanced graphic design and typesetting system, equipped with a whole set of advanced output proofing Professional design personnel system, printing equipment and high quality, will be able to is responsible for planning, photography, design, printing prepress process output to late Brush into a finished product, wrap release package delivery all in one service. Perfect service system, to provide customers with the most satisfactory service assured, worry. Long term since the company in line with high quality, fast, price sincerity, purpose and trustworthy, successfully with many domestic and Foreign Company conducted good cooperation deep The overwhelming majority of customer trust. We understand the profound connotation and charm of China culture, dig the value and charm of enterprises home and abroad, we will take many years of rich Design experience, with minimal input to obtain the maximum value realize for you ''. We would like to bring the enjoyment of beauty and good company benefits to our wisdom for you, Chinese accession to the WTO, Shanghai Shenbo successful, the enterprise Unlimited Business Opportunities, design be imperative, classic is willing to join hands with the industry - business circles friend common development!
Main Products
Business card printing, book printing, poster printing, printing brochures, envelopes and writing paper for printing
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Contact:   Chen Yong
Addr:   Shanghai City  Shanghai City  Rainbow Road 786 Lane 5