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Shanghai Chi Shun Logistics Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shanghai Chi Shun freight company is a professional engaged in road transport of Shanghai, transport of dangerous goods, shipment of goods, baggage, cargo packing, long-distance move, luggage packaged consignments, urban transportation professional transport, large transport, insurance agents, currently in the country established own service outlets or cooperation network. The company since its inception, the spirit of "honesty is the life, the customer is God" the principle, through the test of the market, and gradually won many customers and freight peer trust and recognition. Have owned vehicles of various types of vehicles (1 tons -----30 tons of) flat and lengthen compartment car, Gaolan cars, semi-trailer (carriage length 3 meters ----17.5 meters) service for you. You just give us a call, a text message, a fax or email, all else left to our processing. Safe, quick, Cheng Shou credibility, customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit, positive enterprising, hard Work hard, in order to better meet the needs of the market, provide a full range of quality services to customers
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Logistics, freight forwarding, logistics Shanghai, Shanghai freight, logistics company
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Contact:   Song Meiqin
Addr:   Shanghai City  Shanghai City  Shanghai Chen Road No. 205