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Shanghai Fengxian equipment and container factory Brand
Business Model
This is a professional enterprise unit design, approved by the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine of manufacturing D1, D2 grade pressure vessel. Design: Shanghai No. RSP D31-2007 manufacturing license: TS2231018-2009 is located in southern Shanghai Fengxian District Shanghai Hangzhou Highway No. 2108. The enterprise covers an area of 60000 square meters, plant 30000 square meters, 300 employees, engineering and technical personnel more than 70. 9M edge planing machine, 2.5M landing lathes, horizontal arm automatic welding machine, 300 tons hydraulic machine and other large equipment dozens of taiwan. After years of efforts, has achieved a series of products, production scale, the detection of standardization, and gradually to the development of mechanization and automation. The enterprise products to "Shenjiang" brand trademark registration; the formation of gas tank more than 100 specifications series, and various non-standard pressure vessels: abrasive barrels, reaction vessels, filters, separators, heat exchangers, muffler, sub cylinder, oil tank, water tank design, manufacturing. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronics, automobile manufacturing, power generation, mining, pharmaceutical and other industries. Product marketing more than 20 provinces, city, and around the world. The enterprise to "elaborate design, elaborate and meticulous service, excellence" quality policy, a corporate brand, first-class service, first-class product quality, won the majority of user identity. And the realization of a series of gas tank sales 15% annually. By more and more enterprises favor. Such as: Shanghai Baosteel, Shanghai petrochemical, Shanghai Hudong Zhonghua shipyard, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Hunan Changfeng (Group) Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Nanchang cigarette factory, Wuhan Huaneng Power Generation Co. Ltd., Yangzhou New Century Petroleum Chemical Co. Ltd.; such as: Khard compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Singapore Star Engineering Limited company and other enterprises have been long-term cooperation with the enterprise. "Shenjiang" brand series of products with unique innovation, wide variety, good after-sales service for the purpose, dedication to customer service at home and abroad, the enterprises of all products over the years by the People's Insurance Company of China cover. Companies adhere to the "quality of survival, the development strategy of low cost accounts for the market, honest brand, talents for development", in accordance with the requirements of quality management system, to meet customer requirements for the purpose, to enhance customer satisfaction, obtain the steady development of enterprises.
Main Products
Containers of equipment, welding, metal cutting
Contact information
Contact:   Gu Chu
Addr:   Shanghai City  Shanghai City  Fengxian District Nanqiao town Shanghai Hangzhou Highway No. 2108