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Shanghai Decoration Engineering Limited company specialized is engaged in the building decoration, plant decoration, office decoration, decoration decoration of school, school, shop decoration, shop decoration, design, now mainly introduces plant renovation note

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plant renovation involves higher standards of construction and safety performance and other reasons, so that enterprises in the choice of decoration companies, on the side of caution; our company is a national construction level two qualification, the national

design of the two grade qualification enterprise, company tooling department has a professional plant renovation team, they more than 10 years of rich experience in building decoration, site construction and management technology of high quality, and cultivate a well-equipped

The construction team

, exquisite workmanship, excellent style, can be competent for the different grades, different scale, different types, different styles of Decoration Engineering I the spirit of quality, reputation, first-class business philosophy. Based on the extended

, fine shape for my purposes, sincere dedication, the trust of users, creative unique, efficient service is the trend of the times. To ensure the construction quality and function of reducing the budget for the customer, so to win market

praise. Welcome to negotiate business!

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Office decoration, office decoration, building decoration, building decoration
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