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    Qingdao Hao Garment Co.,

A, Qingdao Hao Garments Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city -- Qingdao. The company was founded in 1999, is a large-scale private enterprise engaged in the earliest R & D and production of thermal underwear. After 10 years of supernormal rapid development, now Qingdao Hao Garments Co., Ltd. has grown into a set research and development, design, production, sales in one of the modern large-scale knitted underwear manufacturing enterprises. The company has product development super class and independent production capacity, there's "Ou" "howl, Dan" the two famous underwear brand, product coverage throughout the country more than 300 provinces, city, autonomous region.

B, the company has advanced production imported from Italy, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions with good reputation in the local Qingdao knitted underwear industry and influence. As enterprises continue to develop and grow, be imperative to carry out professional and meticulous management.

through the hall people 10 years of hard work, overcome all sorts of difficulties and hardships on the road, Hao has passed the "ISO9001 international quality management system certification,"   "ISO14001 international environmental management system certification,"   "2002 year Jimo Economic Development Zone gold enterprise", "  safety production standardization management of enterprise", "05-06 annual Qingdao consumer trustworthy product", "    Shandong province famous trademark", 02 years has been rated as "quality trustworthy unit" and other awards.

C, in Qingdao Hao Garment Co. Ltd., underwear R & D and production has a long history, -- more new garment factory set up from the first 1999 September prototype in 2002 June gull hall are Garment Co. Ltd. was established, to the present development of Qingdao Hao Garments Co., Ltd., the company's development make a spurt of progress, today the company has from the only a dozen of small workshops, developed into more than 400 employees, including all types of professional and technical personnel more than 40 people, the total construction area of over 27000 square meters of large-scale modernization of knitting enterprises. Company to innovate a rich variety of products, excellent quality, perfect after sale service production, keep business integrity Connaught won the praise and trust from many customers.

D, Qingdao Hao clothing Limited company in line with "dedicated dedication, responsibility, honest kind, bold innovation, the spirit of Thanksgiving society" business philosophy,: "tenacious perseverance, to overcome the quality, sincere, warm the world" the practical spirit, full of entrepreneurial passion, a new look to write a new venture triumph.

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Gulls are underwear underwear production and sales hall, Dan
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Contact:   Che Shuqin
Addr:   Shandong Province  The city of Qingdao  Jimo