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Fujian xunxing zipper Polytron Technologies Inc Brand
Business Model
  SBS shares of brand is the zipper industry's first A Well-Known Trademark in China, has won three consecutive "China zipper industry iconic brand" the title of honor. As China zipper industry leader and leading enterprises, SBS shares is the unit to undertake the Secretariat Chinese national standards and industry standards zipper, zipper is China centre. High quality zipper products company is mainly engaged in the development, manufacture and sales of high quality, fashionable and beautiful and service to provide professional, to the technology, talent, brand, scale and capital market five big advantage is committed to domestic and foreign customers and partners to achieve excellence. < / span>
Main Products
The main products include: metal, nylon, plastic three series of various high-quality code loaded and finished zipper, various types of head and pull the zipper accessories, metal, resin, wood series fastener and luggage accessories, zippers die, all kinds of zipper processing mould and small precision plastic mold, hardware mold products. To complete the product varieties and improve the supporting facilities, to meet the zipper products, accessories and service customer needs.
Contact information
Contact:   SBS
Addr:   Fujian Province  The city of Quanzhou  Shenhu Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, Xun Xing Industrial Park