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Kunming economic and Trade Co., Ltd. praise Brand
Business Model

Kunming praise Trade Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise, has advanced printing equipment and large modern mechanical equipment, the main production workshop, advanced printing / thermal transfer printing workshop, production workshop and other gifts!

produces all kinds of environmental protection bags, handbags, non-woven bags, promotional bags and promotional bags all the year round. Supermarket shopping bag, advertisement promotion tent, advertisement promotion sun umbrella, advertisement promotion clothing, courtyard umbrella / banana umbrella / beach umbrella, advertisement T-shirt / T-shirt, advertisement balloon, advertisement lighter, advertisement cup and so on various business gifts, conference gifts, Memorial gifts and so on.

customized personalized printing according to customer needs, according to corporate image and corporate culture standards and customer requirements, to create customers with rich connotation and taste of war gifts. Product tenet: in line with the principle of "quality first, demand first, service first", produce / customize / print from the professional angle, from the customer's point of view, according to the requirements of the customer, carefully plan, make, design, print. After years of development and development, in the quality and service has won the recognition and praise of the majority of customers, the successful establishment of a good cooperation with many well-known enterprises, sincerely welcome all walks of life to come to cooperation!


Main Products
Environmental protection bags, handbags, non-woven bags, promotion of environmental protection bags, promotional advertising bags. Supermarket shopping bags, promotional advertising tents, advertising umbrella, advertising umbrella, promotional clothing / banana / beach umbrella, advertising umbrella T-shirt / T-shirts, advertising balloons, advertising lighters, advertising cup and other business gifts, conference gifts, commemorative gifts etc.
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