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Lin Qian International Fashion Co., Ltd. is a R & D design and brand management as one of the clothing enterprises, after years of development, business brand influence rapid expansion to overseas markets. Since the establishment of the company, after the "Qian Lin International" people's hard work, to create a unique international Lin Qian culture, also provides a sufficient ability to play the space and stage for each employee, let employees feel a sense of belonging, the formation of a strong cohesion and combat effectiveness of enterprises.

Lin Qian international has always uphold the "pursuit of the ultimate perfect products" business philosophy, "people-centered, kinship" service concept. The company has been committed to the original, the main products of cotton fabrics, advocating a return to nature, close to life and create interesting experience on the release of the children, the innocent, give children a fascinating and colorful childhood, and will be the influx of young parents and children together to enjoy the fun of life philosophy. Create a China most marked original fascinating tide brand.

Amily has a great advantage in the international company Lin Qian, he is the most widely most complete product ages, the unified management.

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