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Yiwu poly Cong hat factory Brand
Business Model
poly Cong hat factory was founded in 1999, is located in Yiwu International Trade North Heyetang Industrial Park of science and technology, 16 years focused on making straw, straw products over a thousand, is currently the straw industry as one of the * * * complete production, research and development and the introduction of new straw rate also accounted for the domestic first-class level, the varieties of products amounted to more than 1000 kinds, has the world's advanced level of process production line 15, more than 800 employees, the industry is a leading technology company, not only has the self Design of the main product brands, and has a professional design and production personnel and technical strength, self specialized in product design departments, for the customer to provide professional design drawings and samples. Poly Cong straw hat factory is equipped with the Ministry of internal trade and foreign trade department, professional for domestic foreign trade companies and front-line brand companies design and manufacture of OEM straw hat, hat of the ODM can according to customer demand for customized in the production of various types of straw hat, to change the flow of life and straw make unremitting efforts.
Main Products
Straw hat, hat, cowboy hat, baseball cap, peaked cap, sun hat, Panama hat, Mexican hat, fisherman hat, leisure hats,
Contact information
Contact:   Feng Pei
Addr:   Zhejiang  Jinhua  Yiwu International Trade City Heyetang Industrial Zone