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Guangzhou Li Feng - denim dyeing and printing Brand
Business Model
Guangzhou Lifeng dye Industrial and Trading Company My company is located in the suburb of Guangzhou City, was founded in 1985, currently employs one hundred people, is a production and trade as one of the Professional Company of textile dyes and auxiliaries. Mainly engaged in for customers to solve the problems met in the process of dyeing process, according to the customer incoming sample preparation of various types of dyes and dyeing agents of the well-known enterprises of dyes, auxiliaries. After many years of operation, has a professional testing personnel, equipment, personnel, facilities, stable sales network. Therefore, the dye additives production and sales, has a variety of complete chromatography, light intensity and stability characteristics of the industry, the price is low, welcomed by users, a certain amount of market share in Guangdong area. At the same time consumption of dye powder, a large number of additive solution, packaging, equipment. The main varieties are in the high, low temperature, reactive dyes, diffusion, up to four above the level of the vat dyes, weak acid and strong, good dispersibility of disperse dyes for polyester, cotton, used, whitening agent, pretreatment, dyeing, finishing. Additive liquid. Welcome customers with various flexible ways of cooperation. At the same time, welcome a person with breadth of vision to join. Another of the company also added dyeing and washing water, a special printing factory. To undertake the size of business: Denim washing (a) wax wash (ice) process is a new process of washing water. It is the traditional and modern batik dyeing, washing technology, developed a new washing process. Especially suitable for jeans, cotton, cotton, silk, polyester / cotton, rayon can also and other blended elastic fabric dyeing and finishing. This new technology has won the national invention patent certificate, patent number: 112713.6. This new technology is developed for each product can only be similar, will never be the same, each product is an independent, complete work of art. Especially for the cowboy washing wax. It maintains the original style of denim, but also reflects the unique effect of batik, very modern, will set off a new trend of jeans. Moderate price positioning, coordinate with the domestic consumer purchasing power, sincerely invite businessmen to come to negotiate business, create business opportunities and jointly write a new chapter in the textile printing and dyeing industry. (two) undertake: garment piece dyed, BiWen piece dyed (and pigment dyeing), activity, sulfide, batik, tie dye, direct mail, tie dye, wash, wash and wax tie dye clothing piece dyeing business. (three) special printing: printing and dyeing technology promotion department of the company launched the latest printing technology - a fantasy of color printing. Dyeing and finishing of the printing and dyeing technology is suitable for cotton, cotton, which is unique in that dress pattern can change in color in the sun, can also be due to the different produce different colors and light hours in the evening temperature change, change a variety of colors, fantasy and clinking, and not because of flushing multiple fading or discoloration, all the materials used in line with national standards, harmless to the human body. And there are a variety of patterns available for customers to choose, design change color also can be changed according to the need, and can provide a tailored for customers of various kinds of clothing professional advice. The clothes can change the overall image of people, want to change the dull, uninteresting costume? We must choose the fantasy of color clothing, our design is to keep up with the latest trends, all in sync with the international popular color series, can let you no matter in the daytime or night, become the focus on different occasions. Invite businessmen to come to negotiate business, and create business opportunities, walked the pace of the times and the merchants to create a better future. Tel: 020 81751606 801817648518175329 Fax: 020 81751606 80581764851 13682272434 contact: Liu Sheng address:
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Direct, active, sulfur dyes
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