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 Hebei Nangong top peak felt Group Co., Ltd. Brand
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Nangong top peak felt Co., Ltd., located in Nangong, Hebei, is a medium-sized private enterprise specializing in the research, production and sale of woollen felt. Since its establishment in 72 years, our factory has been relying on more than 30 years' experience and continuously imported advanced production equipment to improve the quality of our products. The quality of our products has reached the standard of the Ministry of industry, and has been certified by China Textile General trade union. Our company has a good geographical position. The 106 and 308 National Highway crosses the city, the Bank of Yin Qing Expressway and Xing Delu pass through the city. The location and traffic are very convenient. Our company has three sub factories, the industrial felt factory, the civil felt factory and the felt product part factory. Main production: industrial blankets, civilian felt, needled chemical fiber felt, non-woven fabrics, felt products, entertainment blankets and other eight series, thousands of varieties. Industrial felt: it includes 112 type, 122 type, 132 type, 332 type industrial felt, polishing special felt, military special felt, felt and heat insulation.
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Contact:   Ma Shi Feng
Addr:        East of Qingnian Road Jinnan gas station, Nangong, Hebei