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It has strong covering power, soft touch, strong elasticity, environmental protection, white glue, transparent pulp, common white glue, nylon paste, green paste, color paste, foaming slurry, cracked pulp, thick pulp, gold paste, hot stamping ink, hot setting ink, screen printing transparent paste, (used for silk screen handbag, ribbon backing) thickener, emulsifier, catalyst, nylon bridging agent, anti adhesion agent, gold onion powder, bronzing silver paper, super adhesive water adhesive, photosensitive glue, hardened water, net yarn, 407 printing water, plate water, cyclohexanone, 783 fast dry water, open oil and water, white. Huizhou billion high printing materials professional production and operation, textile and clothing fabrics of all kinds of high and low gear.
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Contact:   Liu Zi Qi
Addr:        Dongzhou Industrial Park, Boluo, Huizhou