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The company entered the industry in March, eighty-one years ago, and has entered the twelfth year. Because of the rapid changes of popular commodities and the constant learning and growth along the way, the valuable experience gained from non salary has created an endurance and a keen understanding of the popularity of tie. Due to the accumulation of two years of no shop operation, six years of department store counters, temporary cabinets, three years of batches, the access is very extensive, and the retail channel is also a specialty. The selection of commodities is also based on popularity and popularity. Therefore, it is well recognized by the industry and is learning the connection between commodity and market in various marketing channels, so that they can always grasp the opportunities, flow freely and make the best use of their products. In the eighty-four years of the Republic of China, the company has been approached by several well-known tie manufacturers in South Korea. In the past few years, it has absorbed many professional knowledge of tie which is not easy to get in Taiwan. During the period, it has also paid a lot of price, but the experience gained is the most important in today's operation.
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Contact:   Luo Yan Wen
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