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Kaiyuan stage costumes is an enterprise that has many chain stores specializing in the production and rental of costumes. It has more than 20 years of production experience, and has a group of professional designers. It has participated in many large-scale performances, and has won awards in various provinces and cities nationwide. Costumes, ethnic costumes, chorus costumes, ancient costumes and other costumes can meet the needs of cultural organizations and mass cultural activities. All the stage costumes in this shop are all new and fashionable. Kaiyuan stage clothing and apparel company has been engaged in research stage stage costumes for many years. It has profound cultural details and design and production capabilities, and specializes in making wholesale rentals for all types of stage costumes, and designs and makes costumes and accessories for every party, every performance, and every entertainer. We have thousands of styles and tens of thousands of costumes for the transformation from customization to leasing. 开元舞台服装,专业批发,定做,租赁各种舞台服装! 批发定做租赁合唱服 批发定做租赁民族服 批发定做租赁汉族服 批发定做租赁 批发定做租赁傣族服 批发定做租赁朝鲜服 批发定做租赁藏族服装 批发定做租赁礼服 批发定做租赁小礼服 批发定做租赁古典服装 批发定做租赁彝族舞蹈裙 批发定做租赁各类男士西服 批发定做租赁儿童演出服等 (开元舞台服装仅此一家成产厂家!谨防假冒_) 郑州店: 河南省郑州市二七区棉纺东路26-2(厂址) 联系电话:0371-67427548 13598880718 13607693248 13598885231 qq:9970708 日照店: 日照市新区泰安路中级人民法院对面(电业局沿街楼) 联系电话:0633-2973906 13066062257 qq:496875375 芜湖店: 安徽省芜湖市镜湖区 新芜路与青山街路口 联系电话:0553-3871781 18226788809 qq:690682409
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