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Ji'nan Xinchao handmade cloth shoes Co., Ltd. Brand
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Ji'nan Xinchao shoes, in order to promote the Chinese 5000 years of our national culture, ancient million lines, Handmade. The natural cotton, linen, cloth bottom, is breathable, lightweight, comfortable, in addition to Khan, such as the role of foot. Ji'nan Xinchao specializing in the production of cloth shoes, handmade shoes, embroidered shoes, children's shoes, cotton shoes, craft shoes, handmade Melaleuca at the end of all kinds of traditional old Shandong cloth shoes. Ji'nan Xinchao always put quality in the first place, Ji'nan Xinchao shoes series in addition to traditional cloth shoes, leisure, health, green, deodorant and other characteristics, is more exquisite workmanship, elegant materials, craft unique, practical and durable, has obvious comprehensive role in the prevention and treatment of beriberi, cervical vertebra and lumbar and leg pain with various. Ji'nan Xinchao shoes, fusion, process design and management method of exquisite, based on traditional China shoes, combining the classical culture and fashion color, will wear comfortable and practical process and collection of ornamental com. Memorial
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Contact:   Han Gaofeng
Addr:       Shandong Ji'nan Ji'nan city by ten Road No. 330