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Beijing Baiquan chemical fiber factory is a special production plant of functional fiber and health care fiber. In the 92 year, it was gradually transformed from conventional polypropylene fiber to differential and functional fiber direction. After more than ten years of arduous pioneering work, we have accumulated rich experience in practice, forming a unique technological and technological line. We have set up a one-stop operation for scientific research and trial production. The product specifications are complete, the quality is stable, and the sales coverage is up to ten provinces and cities in China. Four scientific research varieties developed by our factory have been awarded national invention patents: patent of magnetic health care fiber: patent of ZL 99125506.2 anti cracking fiber and crack prevention and freezing Socks: patent of ZL 98117635.6 polypropylene anti counterfeit fiber: ZL 99100631.3 negative ion fiber and its preparation method: ZL 20051 0051217.6 . In recent years, our factory has developed dozens of functional fibers and health care fibers. Among them, antistatic fiber, flame retardant fiber, magnetic fiber, anti-counterfeiting fiber, bamboo charcoal magnetic fiber, negative ion magnetic fiber, far infrared health care fiber, high moisture absorbing fiber, antibacterial fiber, deodorant fiber, ultraviolet resistant fiber and so on, are used in knitting, weaving and other industries, providing materials for various types of fabrics for the development of new varieties in the garment industry. Such as underwear underwear, bracers, kneecap socks and other fabrics. Moreover, Beijing Baiquan chemical fiber factory produces 1. magnetic health care fiber and magnetic knitted fabric; 2. bamboo charcoal magnetic fiber; 3. negative ion magnetic fiber; 4. anti crack freezing fiber and anti cracking and frozen socks. Authorized by the "CHC national hi tech health products market development committee", it is permitted to use the "healthy product selection" logo. The polypropylene fiber produced by our factory now has two kinds of long and short fibers. Filament anti-counterfeiting can be displayed in various colors. It is shown in red, green, yellow, pink, orange and blue under long wave ultraviolet light. It can be applied to all kinds of anti-counterfeit labels. The anti-counterfeiting of short silk can be shown in various colors. Under the long wavelength ultraviolet lamp, it can be shown as red, yellow, green, pink, blue and other anti-counterfeiting staple fibers, which can be applied to the field of papermaking anti-counterfeiting. In addition, after the magnetic fabric of our factory has been processed, the magnetic track lamp has red light and the alarm has shown its existence under the friction of the multi-function money detector. Our factory warmly welcomes customers from all over the world to come to our factory to discuss business and jointly develop new products for a better future.
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