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Hongfeng second-hand machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. has strong strength, good faith management, long-term purchase and sale of second-hand oil pressure four column cutting machine, second-hand rocker cutting machine, second-hand mechanical beer machine, second-hand Longmen style cutting machine, second-hand plane cutting machine, second-hand plastic suction machine, second-hand rivet machine, second-hand foam machine, second-hand front and back, second-hand shoe machine equipment, second-hand luggage equipment, second-hand rubber machine, second-hand hydraulic press, handbag factory equipment, bag factory equipment, plastic suction factory equipment, toy factory equipment, sponge equipment, leather processing equipment, shoe factory equipment! After-sale guarantee, professional maintenance master! Site valuation, reasonable price and quality assurance! Tel: Mr. Cai 13728295659 QQ:1262350499!! Hongfeng company will have professional mechanical repair masters for all second-hand recycling machines, overhaul the whole machine, replace oil seals, clean fuel tanks, replace oil filters, adjust balance, circuit rectification, pressure test and so on, so as to achieve the best use state as standard, let customers use the least money to buy the best machine.
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Contact:   Mr. Cai
Addr:        Three Tun Industrial Area, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Dongguan, Guangdong