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Our factory is located in the eastern holy city, which is famous for both at home and abroad because of Confucius. It is a famous historical and cultural city that has been born after Confucianism because of Confucianism. - Qufu. Main products: baling machine, recycling machine, green feed beating machine, corn threshing machine, feed processing equipment, starch products complete equipment and so on. Our factory promises to you: the unqualified products are not manufactured, and all products damaged during the three package period due to quality problems can not work normally, and they will be replaced free of charge. Shandong Qufu Lifeng cheerful agriculture machinery corp all staff will be full of enthusiasm, perfect after-sales service for the purpose. With the principle of mutual trust, mutual support and mutual benefit, we are willing to cooperate sincerely with our customers to make Li Feng machinery go all over the country and enter thousands of households.
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Contact:   Yang Jing
Addr:        No. 6 Fuyuan West Street, Confucius commercial city, Qufu, Jining, Shandong