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 Shandong Zhu Zhi Jin Textile Technology Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shandong bamboo brocade Home Textile Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. It is a home textile enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sale of new fibers. The company is committed to providing health, safety and safety home textiles accessories for consumers. In 2011, it was awarded the "top 500 competitiveness of China's textile industry". It has two brands of "bamboo brocade" and "Jinxia", and was awarded the "famous brand in Shandong" and "Shandong famous brand". The existing two major brand operation centers in Beijing and Shanghai, Qingdao R & D center, and production logistics center, and many sales branches throughout the country. Since its inception, the company has adhered to "gathering talents as the foundation, R & D design as the first step, terminal consumption as the core", and has formed a unique competitive edge in branding, innovation and differentiation. The products now cover new fiber products such as bamboo fiber towels, bathrobes, blankets, underwear, bedding and infant series, and provide a series of high-end customized integrated solutions. Every gram of yarn, every towel, every pair of underwear, every bathrobe, every inch of fabric, every bed product has been certified by ISO9000 series. The quality control is strictly segmented. The whole process is green and environmental protection, so as to ensure the quality and low price of the products in the hands of customers.
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Contact:   Liu Jia Qi
Addr:        No. 38, Mount Huangshan road two, Zouping County, Binzhou, Shandong.