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 Ji'nan East Valley culture and art planning Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Ji'nan East Valley culture and art planning Co., Ltd. integrates system development, design, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and other industrial chain links into the film derivatives market. Its own domestic cutting-edge industrial design and development division, more than 100 handicraft manufacturing cooperation factories, and brand operation management master. We are committed to the development and development of China's film derivatives market. In addition, Dong Gu gift is also an integrated manufacturer of Arts and crafts, with gold, silver, jade, porcelain and wood materials as its handicraft, with precise market positioning and exquisite craft design. Introduce service concept into company business. Clearly positioned as a comprehensive gift industry organization operation service enterprise, is committed to provide comprehensive gifts and promotional services for the end consumers, terminal procurement enterprises and the entire gift industry. The company will deploy various departments' backbone, set up a customer service center and market planning department that is dedicated to big customers, and coordinate the whole company's organic operation with customer demand oriented. At the same time, according to the situation of the gift market and the demand characteristics of the big customers, we plan the corresponding service products specially. Its "East Valley" gift consultant marketing service brand.
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Contact:   Huo Ying
Addr:        Shandong, Ji'nan, Licheng District, Huayuan Road, the 4 row of the opposite side of the United States.