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Shenzhen traders act as the world's top 500 enterprises, 3M, and several senior authorized distributors in China. We are working together with 3M, Mei Li, Kimberly, Zhong Shun and other international famous brands to provide high-end customers with energy saving and environmental protection plan for the whole business green building and green life. The road people insist on the core values of enterprises that transcend themselves, keep innovating, strive for perfection, and serve the company with good faith and quality. Adhering to the principle of integrity as the foundation of their career and quality as the steering wheel of excellence, we will provide the best one-stop service for customers through high-quality marketing teams, perfecting the fast after-sales service, the super business philosophy and the excellent brand guarantee. 500's reliable partner is worthy of your experience in the sales team of professional industry background and senior industry background. With rich professional experience, you can provide practical value service for your rapid and accurate solutions, optimize the inventory and professional experience to meet the needs and product specifications of the subdivision industry, optimize the reasonable inventory, ensure that you feel a reliable long-term supply of reliable, fast storage and transportation. The use of the new Longhua storage center will provide the most convenient, efficient and efficient distribution service for the vast number of new and old customers. Trusted partners, we will always adhere to the dedicated, professional, dedicated development ideas with super business philosophy and excellent brand guarantee to provide you with the best one-stop service.
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Contact:   Zhou Kun
Addr:        Guangdong Shenzhen Shenzhen Baoan District Longhua Mei Long Road Mei Long Yuan 1 unit