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The dyed fabric processing enterprises mainly have 200 looms (including 280 types and 320 rapier looms 40, 280 type and 390 imported imported loom 40 sets, 280 type and 340 air jet looms each 20), which are suitable for all kinds of weaving and weaving. Some rapier, air jet and loom looms can weave single and double light side grey fabrics. They can knit all kinds of complex jacquard grey cloth with 22 kinds of brown flowers and large jacquard inside the 22 needles and wide width grey cloth with shuttle, rapier, shuttle and air-jet weaving, and can add bleaching or dyeing cloth within 320cm of width. Binzhou new style Textile Co., Ltd. The products produced by the company are exported to Australia, Europe, the United States, Russia, India, Brazil, Japan, Korea and other countries, and domestic and foreign provinces and provinces are well received by customers. The product sales rate is 100%, and the fund recovery rate is 100%. Welcome new and old customers to negotiate business! Contact: Xu Jinzhu mobile phone: 15554317776 contact: Tong Wang mobile phone: 15564327776 address: No. 513, the Yellow River Road, Binzhou, Shandong Province, No. 513, Tel: 0543-3291875 Fax: 0543-3087696 Jinqiao shop:
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Contact:   Xu Jin Zhu
Addr:        No. three the Yellow River Road, Bincheng District, Binzhou, Shandong 513