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 Wujiang Fei Lun Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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Wujiang Fei Lun Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Shengze Town, a famous silk town known as "sunrise, clothing and quilt". Subordinate weaving factory, printing post processing plant, export trade and so on. The company is a product development, production and trade entity enterprises. The company has a total of more than 300 high-speed water jet looms, dobby looms, and 5 advanced transfer printing lines. It sells chiffon, Gauss, cotton velvet satin, NIS spinning, Taslon, Oxford cloth, spring Asian spinning, Hua Yao, satin, Peach Satin, peach skin, suede, washed velvet, Hua Dane, Jin cotton, Jin polyester spinning, cotton fabric, wide width door fabric, all kinds of weft / elastic fabrics, all kinds of plain / twill ribs and polyester jacquard cloth, and constantly innovating new products. The company has the right to import and export independently. Products are mainly used in spring and summer fashion, women's wear, beach pants, down garments, sportswear, jackets, mountaineering clothes, work clothes, pajamas, cheongsam, dress, bags, tents, sleeping bags, car covers, sofa, bedding, tablecloths, chair covers and so on. After processing various printing processing, transfer printing, waterproof coating processing, white, silver coated, oil surface calendering, crepe, wrinkle, breathable moisture permeable film, TPU compound, environmental protection PVC, moisture absorption and sweat, UV protection, moth proofing, flame retardant, DuPont, Fulong, flocking and other deep processing.
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