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Fuzhou Shuang Yi textile mill Brand
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Fuzhou city Minhou South Lantau Shuangyi textile factory was founded in 2000, the total area of 3000 square meters, the existing three factories has loom Taiwan 80, the company gradually expand the scale, increase the amount of funds, strict production quality, with "integrity management, quality first" business philosophy, Ying won the same industry partner recognition and trust. I plant specializing in the production of composite lining in the full set of shoes (striped cloth cloth in the bottom fabric \ \ \ \ \ \ flannel \\p (pounds) of all kinds of fabric cloth \ \ \ \ \ \ canvas gloves, muslin) cloth, canvas and other fabric shoe lining, laminating cloth, rubber industrial fabric, leather / cloth bottom reinforcement Hong Bao, hot melt and other industrial manufacturing rubber cloth inside woven varieties 5P-16P muslin, 18P cloth (5634/5640/5646/6648), T/C20P, fine woven cloth, T/C6868/6060 cloth button, T/C 6N (1*1/2*1/2*2) / 8N/ 10N T/C (twill canvas, twill, T/C), coarse (general / special / thickening thick / thin) oblique, 6N/7N/8N/10N cotton canvas, 10858 cotton twill Denim / cotton cloth, 6868/6060 buckle, T/C felt...... Etc.. Can be pressed black, sizing, raising, bleaching and dyeing according to customer requirements, to cooperate with the customers samples for product development, and to undertake various specifications of sample orders. With the quality of our products as the source of the life of the enterprise, our factory provides the new and old customers with low price and high quality. Our factory always adhere to the "quality first, service first, efficiency first" concept, with "innovation, harmony and mutual assistance", to create the advanced level of the textile industry, welcome all friends to visit the guide, visit and business negotiation.
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Contact:   Mr. Zheng
Addr:       South Lantau Town, Minhou County, Fuzhou, Fujian