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 Fuzhou Kai Yao Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Fuzhou Kai Yao Textile Co., Ltd. sells wholesaling canvas, cotton cloth, pound cloth and gauze in the consumer market, and enjoys a high position among consumers. The company has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many retailers and agents. The main products are: 6P, 10P, 12P, 14P, 16P, 18P, 22P, 30P, 32P, striped cloth, lifting cloth, TC wool cloth, dispensing wool cloth, attaching all kinds of grey cloth, such as wool cloth, shoe material, wool cloth, port treasure hot dissolving rubber cloth, etc., with complete colors. It can press black, sizing, raising, bleaching and dyeing according to different requirements of customers. The specifications are ordered and the price is reasonable. The company has strong strength, heavy credit, abide by the contract, guarantee the quality of products, and win the trust of our customers with the principles of multi variety management and small profits and quick turnover.
Main Products
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Song
Addr:        Fujian Fuzhou Cangshan District Fuzhou Cangshan Wanda Plaza C area C1 building 14 floor 12 No.