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Sichuan province maple tree silk Co., Ltd. has fixed assets of 13 million yuan, the company's registered capital is 10 million 180 thousand yuan, the existing high-quality silkworm mulberry base is 20500 mu, and there are 12390 households of mulberry farmers, and it can produce 550 tons of cocoon in the whole year. The existing automatic reeling 6200 thread and double Palace silk 800 threads production capacity, each year can produce white factory silk 300 tons, double Palace silk 120 tons, raw silk inspection average annual grade has reached 4A68, can produce high-grade bedding - pure silk quilt 20 thousand beds, has now accumulated to achieve self operated export 3 million 563 thousand and 100 US dollars, of which: in 2007, 1 million 230 thousand U. S. dollars, 2008 has earned foreign exchange earning 1 million 757 thousand and 600 U. S. dollars, is expected to achieve the annual export earnings of 2 million U. S. dollars. The company has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, and has obtained the national reeling certificate of production, the qualification certificate for fresh cocoon purchase, the self import and export qualification certificate, the customs registration certificate, the import and export product quality permit, the Agricultural Bank AA level credit unit, the key agricultural industrialization leading enterprise, the contract and trustworthy unit, and the provincial advanced private enterprise, etc. each year, the export earnings are all more than 2 million US dollars. The company plans to develop 50 thousand mu of high quality silkworm mulberry base in two models of "company + base + sericulture workers" and "company + base + farmer" in 5 years. Built 10 sericultural farms, 60 sericultural professional villages, 10 sericultural workers earning 100 thousand yuan in income, 200 sericultural workers earning 50 thousand yuan, 2000 sericultural households earning 10 thousand yuan a year, and sericultural output reaching 60 million yuan. Website: Email:
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Contact:   Yao Meng Xi
Addr:        No. 243, Miao Ba Town Street, Dazhu County, Sichuan, Dazhou, Sichuan