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Changshu Jiang Hui fiber products Technology Co., Ltd. is the only company specializing in R & D, production, sale and technical service of noctilucent fiber and its products. It mainly produces noctilucent fiber and luminous embroidery thread, luminous flannelette, luminous fabric and other series of noctilucent products. The company is located in Changshou City, Jiangsu, with beautiful geographical environment and convenient transportation. The noctilucent fiber products of the company include: noctilucent fiber, luminous embroidery thread, luminous flannelette, luminous plush toy, luminous embroidery and so on. Luminous filament includes 75D, 120D, 150D, 300D polyester and nylon filament. Luminous embroidery thread includes 120D x 2, 150D 2 and other embroidery threads. Noctilucent flannelette includes luminous velvet, short lint, printed flannelette and so on. At the same time, our company is committed to developing and selling luminous fiber terminal products, including noctilucent clothing, plush toys, embroidery products, etc., and strive to expand the application of noctilucent fiber in clothing, home textiles, decoration, gifts and so on. Our company has worked closely with Jiangnan University in Wuxi, and has 3 core patents in the manufacture of noctilucent fibers. The research and development of rare earth luminous fiber products has been awarded the national high technology research and development plan (863) project, the national innovation fund project, the National Natural Science Foundation project, the Jiangsu provincial industrial research project, the Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation Project and the Changshou City provincial leading innovation and entrepreneurship talents category A project funding. It won the two prize of Jiangsu's science and technology progress, the two prize of science and technology progress of China Petroleum and chemical industry association and the first prize of "win in Changshu" - the national university student entrepreneurship competition. The company has a multilevel professional and technical team and perfect research and development facilities, such as Ph.D., master, undergraduate, etc., to ensure the development and manufacture of the leading technology of noctilucent fiber and its products. The company not only creates excellent products, but also provides high-quality professional and technical services. Welcome domestic and foreign people to cooperate sincerely with our company and create brilliance together.
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Contact:   Wang Jian
Addr:        No. 8 Taizhou Road, Changshou City hi tech Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu