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Since its establishment in 2002, the company has mainly customized and wholesaled aluminum alloy frame since its establishment. The tube type is mainly divided into five main sections: hollow type, Japanese type, field type, cross type and printing type. All web frames are characterized by light weight, wide selection of sections, high flexing strength, corrosion resistance (chemical agents, ink, solvents, cleaners, etc.) and easy cleaning. Based on the practical experience accumulated over the years, the company has continuously developed and improved 20 kinds of special profiles for aluminum alloy mesh frame, improved and innovating the production process, and introduced a practical aluminum alloy frame, and equipped with automatic equipment to produce high quality network frame, and the product specifications are homogeneous.
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Contact:   Sun Liang Fei
Addr:        No. 13-14, Fang Yan Hou Street, Longgang Town, Cangnan, Wenzhou, Zhejiang