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Shenzhen Minghao gloves Co. Ltd. Brand
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Shenzhen Minghao gloves Co. Ltd. headquartered in Longhua town of Shenzhen City, highway and Waterway Port Railway lead in all directions. Regional advantages, logistics developed convenient and quick. Our company is a professional engaged in a variety of protective gloves design, production and processing, sales and trade as one of the integrated enterprise, and Xie Cheng efforts to increase production capacity to supply the market demand, the company currently has more than 13 sets of 10 needle automatic computer glove machine more than 10 units, 2 sets of monthly production Pu Ding Qing latex and other kinds of gloves, the company's products are strictly in accordance with national and industry standards, most products have passed SGS testing, anti static
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Contact:   Mr Tung
Addr:       Baoan District Dragon East Ring Road royaland center 909