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Suzhou Jiuhua clothing (gloves) Co., Ltd.    No Member

 Suzhou Jiuhua clothing (gloves) Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Our company mainly produces and sells all kinds of labor insurance products, mainly exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the Middle East, Africa and other countries. Gloves: PVC dipping gloves (Luo Kou, flat gloves), household latex gloves, 7 pin t/c yarn gloves (single point and double point PVC), nitrile. Latex. Immersion gloves, disposable latex.Pvc. nitrile gloves, pigskin. Cowskin labor gloves, driver gloves, electric gloves, cotton wool. Garden gloves, anti-static.Pu coating gloves, kevler gloves, arms and so on. Other varieties include: labor insurance shoes (customized according to guests' samples), goggles, protective ear muds, masks, safety helmets and clothing and other labor insurance products.
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Contact information
Contact:   Jian Hua Liu
Addr:        No. 2, North Lane, Xitang, Suzhou