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Gout International (Hongkong) Group Co., Ltd., invested continuously in mainland China, has formed an enterprise group in the ultrasonic industry. Among the most dazzling stars are Shenzhen GTE ultrasound medical equipment Co., Ltd., Guangdong GTE ultrasound industry Co., Ltd. and Chengdu GT Jiuzhou Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen solid ultrasonic medical treatment, founded in 2003, is a pioneer in the ultrasonic industry. Technology focus on understanding the industry dynamics, R & D investment heavily, quickly occupy the commanding height of ultrasonic medical cleaning technology, and become the industry leader. Guangdong Gu te ultrasound industry is an integrated operation platform of the group in the field of ultrasonic technology application. Its registered capital is RMB 60 million yuan. The investment and construction of Meizhou solid science and Technology Park covers an area of 80 thousand square meters, with an area of 40 thousand square meters. It has more than ten world-class automatic production lines. The company has won many honors such as "provincial private science and technology enterprises", "Shou Shou contract and credit enterprises", "ICBC's gold grade AA quality customers", and "harmonious labor relations advanced units". Many R & D projects have been awarded the provincial science and Technology Department's science and technology plan and the Ministry of science and technology innovation fund of small and medium enterprises. The company has established three main products, including "ultrasonic health living appliances", "ultrasonic medical cleaning equipment" and "high-power ultrasonic processing system". It has dozens of national patents, and is a high-tech private enterprise integrating ultrasonic research, production, sales and engineering services. It is also recognized as an expert in ultrasonic technology solutions in the industry. Chengdu Gu te Jiuzhou ultrasound is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in high-power ultrasonic technology research and application. It has a national R & D team hosted by national experts and professors, and has many national patents. The company mainly develops and produces ultrasonic anti scaling equipment, ultrasonic oil-water separation, ultrasonic drilling waste liquid treatment equipment, ultrasonic ozone combined water treatment technology and equipment, etc., successfully solved the problem of on-line scaling and prevention of industrial products, and the difficulty of discharging high concentration of refractory organic wastewater and toxic and hazardous waste water, and made outstanding contributions to the national environmental protection undertaking. We should develop strategic planning science, clear division of industrial division, complementary regional advantages and outstanding scale advantages. We will provide business cooperation for various industries and customers with a view to mutual benefit and win-win business opportunities. The production management team has abundant field management experience and strong on-site management capabilities. The team carefully designed the technological process, scientifically compiled the process manuals, skillfully applied the management tools such as "5S" and "6 Sigma", and focused on adhering to the "people-oriented, process control, self-management and advance precaution", so as to make the company produce a good situation of "close integration of elements, effective coordination of departments, and safe operation".
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Addr:   [db: province]   [db: city]   Two new buildings of Hui Bao Industrial Park, Guangming New District, Shenzhen