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Beautifullady (Bai Liting) is one of the functional underwear brands of Guangzhou multi Dian Garments Co., Ltd., which brings together a group of senior underwear design experts, famous medical professors and scholars who have been engaged in research and design work for many years in Italy, France and Britain. They combine the design concepts and characteristics of human medicine, engineering, mechanics, aesthetics and underwear design, and integrate the latest trend information of the world underwear, adopt the latest international health care and environmental protection fabrics, and constantly introduce high-quality, time, healthy and comfortable functional underwear according to the characteristics of women's body. The products have been exported to Southeast Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, and have been favored and praised by women from all Asian countries. Because Beautiful Lady (Bai Liting) fashion functional underwear is not only noble and elegant, fresh and gorgeous, smooth lines, but also can better shape, maintain posture, natural comfort, really make you a charming woman!
Beautiful Lady (Bai Liting) fashion functional underwear focuses on shaping women's perfect curve!

Product positioning: professional functional underwear, mainly bra, underwear, body clothing, waist seal, pants and others.

Group positioning: a modern female group with the pursuit of quality of life at the age of 22~45;

Price positioning: 128~290 yuan / piece, the mainstream price at 170 yuan / piece, more in line with market demand;

Regional positioning: middle and high-end consumption areas, such as commercial street, trade city, shopping mall, clothing city, middle and high grade residential area, etc.

Channel positioning: mainly stores, shopping malls and other subsidiary;

Style positioning: health, fashion, noble and comfortable.

Strategic positioning: quality survival, service development, and strive to create world-class brand underwear.


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