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 Guangdong Alan Garments Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Founded in twentieth Century, Guangdong Alan dress Co., Ltd., mainly produces Alan's down garments, processing down garments, selling and finishing down garments, and creating its own brand YALANSHI, Alan Shi. After years of hard work, Alan has become a large enterprise with its own design, production and production of high-grade feather clothing and bedding products. The company has advanced "American", "Japanese" and "European" production equipment, and nearly 200 thousand square meters of production plant and office space. At present, the products are exported to overseas countries and large and medium-sized cities all over the country, and there are nearly more than 50 self owned stores, all over the country. In order to win the market, the competition in the down garment industry is intense, and constantly improve management and product development and innovation, product after-sales "three packages", life-long maintenance, so that consumers can buy reassurance, and sales have been rising all the way. Due to the elegant style and reasonable price, products have always been favored by consumers. In order to build a strong brand of the alansi feather series, the company spends huge amounts of money every year to promote and popularize. Alan's people always walk in the front of the industry with the spirit of tenacity and no dial. We will win the end consumers with products that are close to the market.
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Addr:   China   China   Opposite to the main entrance of 105 country road in Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan.